First Earthquake, Next Hurricane Irene

Aug 24, 2011

With relatively minor damage and no loss of life as a result of Tuesday's earthquake, Governor McDonnell will be putting that natural disaster on the back burner … as he focuses on the upcoming hurricane expected to hit the Commonwealth over the weekend.  

McDonnell says state emergency operations officials will prepare for a worst-case scenario—meaning the storm’s path could track some of the state's major interstates and significantly damage coastal and low-lying areas. But he says it's not only the state that needs to be prepared …but Virginia residents as well:

"Know where the shelters are, look out for their neighbor, have a plan for their pets, stock up on food and batteries and water NOW, have a generator if they have a significantly electrical... all those common sense things, today, tomorrow, Friday, that's the time to be doing these things. We'll do our part. We'll put out the appropriate but prudent warnings that are necessary depending on the storm track."

Additionally, the Governor announced major donations to the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund, which he established in April to encourage private companies and citizens to give to communities impacted by tornadoes. He also ordered that the fund be made a permanent part of Virginia’s disaster relief tools.