First Day on the Job for New Super

Aug 31, 2011

Thursday will be the first official day on the job for new Fayette County School Superintendent Tom Shelton.  The former Daviess County school administrator has spent the last few months settling into the Lexington community. The goal now is to get acquainted with teachers and students.

"I plan on visiting all of our schools within the month of September and I think it’s very, very important to be a visible leader.  To show people that we’re here to support the schools and what’s going on there, that’s the whole reason we do what we do here at the office,” said Shelton.

Shelton says for people to get to know him, he needs to be out in the community building relationships.  He says it’s all part of what he calls his first 100 day entry plan.

“And at the end of those 100 days which will be, at about March, then I’ll sit down with the board and say here’s what I’ve learned, here’s what I’ve seen in our district and let’s talk about what it means and then what do we do with that information.  Where do we go from there?” asked Shelton.

The school board this summer acted to raise the district’s property tax rate to generate four percent more money.  Shelton supports the move.

“We’ve tried to raise beginning teacher pay here to make sure that we can attract the best possible teachers and make sure we retain good staff over time,” added Shelton.

The new tax rate will be reflected on bills going out this fall.