Fireworks Under Review

Jul 6, 2011

The fourth of July weekend is barely history and there’s already interest among some Lexington council members to change the city’s fireworks policy. Several Lexington area residents complained to city hall about fireworks activity in their neighborhoods.  The new state law opened the nighttime skies to flying fireworks. Plus, the newly legal fireworks on the ground were quite a bit louder than usual.  Council member Kevin Stinnett says he heard the blasts and got an earful from constituents.

“The public’s upset because obviously it was a much different night than we’ve all experienced.  Those of us who are from Lexington, a lot of us can say it’s the loudest we’ve ever heard it,” said Stinnett.

The fireworks fallout has council members talking about modifications in the fireworks policy.  The issue has been placed in committee for review, which Fire Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs supports.

“Our concerns is not so much even just a one weekend event, but now that they are legal folks could choose to fire these off every night that they wanted to continually and we could see where that could become a significant long term issue,” said Griggs.

The anticipated review comes in the wake of numerous e-mails to urban county council members angry about fireworks activity over the past week. 

Council member Julian Beard asked any review of the issue should not be restricted to the Independence day activities.

“Let’s not paint ourselves in a corner about the fourth of July because there are other occasions when fireworks are set off for whatever reason,” added Beard.

The temporary fireworks permit allows for the sale of fireworks through this Thursday.