Fireworks Rules May Return to Lexington

Lexington’s Urban County Council is exploring the possibility of a local fireworks ordinance. This year state lawmakers passed legislation allowing for the sale of larger consumer fireworks such as bottle rockets and Roman candles. Council member Kevin Stinnett says his proposal would offer a solution to a major complaint he heard over the July 4th holiday.

“It does address the hours in which you can display fireworks and designates those four or five days a year that we do extend the times in honor of a certain holiday,” said Stinnett.

Fayette County did not see a spike in injuries or structure fires after new law took effect, but council member Doug Martin says many of his constituents would like to see the bigger fireworks banned altogether in Lexington.

“I don’t care what the legislature did. We have the opportunity to say no to these in our community and that’s what we need to do,” said Martin.

The ordinance is still in early draft form. The council’s public safety committee also plans to hear from Lexington’s Division of Police and Fire about how stepped up fireworks enforcement would impact those departments.