Fireworks Ban Imposed in Lexington

Jul 2, 2012

The city of Lexington has banned the use of common and consumer fireworks this week.  The decision comes in light of the extremely dry conditions found in the bluegrass.  The ban will remain in place until the Division of Fire and Emergency Services lifts the outdoor burning ban.  The announcement came from Lexington Mayor Jim Gray this afternoon.   The mayor says the ban will not affect the five fireworks public displays which already have permits.

  Gray said this afternoon ‘grass fires are up dramatically because of the heat and dry weather.  He says firefighters have fought 135 grass fires the past two weeks.  The mayor added, ‘normally we would have no more than a handful in that time.’  Gray says the cause of eleven of those grass fires was traced to the use of fireworks.  The ban applies to fireworks that stay on the ground and those that are shot up in the air.    Violators could face a 100 dollar fine.