Firefighters Lose Court Battle

The Lexington firefighters' union has lost a court battle with the Urban County Government over changes to the health care plan for city employees. The Lexington firefighters' union had requested an injunction that would have prohibited the local government from instituting the new policy, which the union claimed violated collective bargaining agreements. City workers have expressed frustration with rate increases in the city's health plans for 2012. But Mayor Jim Gray says it's important that the city move ahead with some tough choices. 

"What we're allowed to do now is to move forward and correct a problem that is a really big problem and at the same time do our best to provide responsible and quality health for our employees," Gray says. 

89 percent of city workers are currently enrolled in what's called the Platinum Plan. That plan will cost several hundred dollars more a month. Mayor Gray said he doesn't anticipate any further legal challenges to the new health plan.