Fire Chief Withdraws Disability Request

Embattled Lexington Fire Chief Robert Hendricks is no longer seeking a disability pension from the city after calling off a re-hearing set for Wednesday with the Police and Fire Pension Board. "On the rehearing for Robert Hendricks, that has been cancelled. It has been withdrawn," Administrative Specialist Susan Combs told board members.

Hendricks' attorney, Mark Wohlander, had no comment as to why the appeal was withdrawn. He has described the chief's injury as a "psychological issue."

The board voted in October to deny the disability application, and Hendricks was scheduled to make an appeal before the pension board at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning. It's the latest chapter in a saga surrounding Hendricks that started when Lexington Mayor Jim Gray called for the chief's resignation more than nine months ago.

"Under our current ordinances and legislation, the chief is still active with the city. We are looking forward to a resolution of this in the early part of the coming year," says Gray.

Hendricks is on unpaid leave from the city. Mayor Gray asked him to step down in March citing poor management of the Division of Fire, but Hendricks refused. Lexington's Law Department could write up possible charges that might lead to a formal dismissal.