Financial Update at Ichthus

Jun 14, 2012

Financial challenges for the country’s longest running Christian music festival haven’t slowed preparation for the summertime event.  The 43rd Ichthus festival will be bustling outside Wilmore this time next week.  But, there were concerns soon after last year’s festival that debt problems could silence the music.  Ichthus C-E-O Mark Vermillion says a ‘quick fix’ is not expected.  “We really believe it’s gonna be a couple of year process to get out of some of the debt..that we’ve had over the past couple of years…and we really don’t know fully how ticket sales are gonna line up,” said Vermillion.

A for sale sign will greet Ichthus fans as they approach the compound just outside Wilmore.  The site was put up for sale last summer.   Vermillion says officials with the ministry would still like to sell the 110 acre property.

“The best thing for the festival is to not have the overhead of the land on our shoulders and that allows us in a much different financial position than from year to year at the festival to just be able to lease the land or lease space for the festival,” added Vermillion.

Special one day ticket prices for opening day next Wednesday and Community Day Saturday June 23rd are available through today.  Vermillion says the gearing up for the festival has gone well with more volunteers taking on key roles due to budget constraints.