Final Week of Campaigning in GOP Primary

May 9, 2011

The primary election is just over a week away.  So, expect aggressive campaigning this week by the three Republican candidates for governor.  It may begin tonight’s during a gubernatorial forum on Kentucky Educational Television.    Political scientist Joe Gershtenson, who teaches at Eastern Kentucky University, says the primary seems to be ‘creeping up under the radar.’

 “There’s been other stuff in terms of the news obviously.  That’s always the case, I guess.  The fact that there is only a primary in one of the parties also makes a difference,” said Gerschtenson.

During this final week of campaigning, Gerschtenson predicts Republican frontrunner David Williams will emphasize his experience..

 “I would anticipate he will talk about his track record, the fact that he’s served in the senate and been president in the senate for a decade, and the experience that that’s given him,” said the political scientist from Eastern Kentucky University.

Despite critical stories, Gerschtenson adds Republican Richie Farmer still has much to offer to his running mate in Kentucky’s gubernatorial primary. 

“Some of the folks that would have heard of his name and associate him with UK basketball perhaps haven’t paid attention to some of the questions about room charges at the sweet 16 or some other questions in regard to expenses,” said Gerschtenson.

The candidates for governor in the Republican primary appear tonight on Kentucky Educational Television.  In addition to GOP frontrunner David Williams, Louisville businessman Phil Moffett and Jefferson County Clerk Bobbi Holsclaw will participate.