Final Preparations Underway for Inauguration

Inauguration ceremonies for Governor Steve Beshear and Lt. Governor-elect Jerry Abramson are less than a week away and organizers are making final preparations. Bob Stewart, Executive Director of the 2011 Inaugural Committee, says work has shifted from planning to execution. 

"Yesterday we had a walk-through for the Grand March. Tomorrow we have a couple of walk-throughs on the platform. We assign seating for some of the elected officials; we make sure all that works out. We make sure the sound and light people have what they need." 

Stewart has helped coordinate seven previous inaugurations and says each governor has his or her own ideas for the festivities. 

"The governor and first lady really stressed not only do we do this inauguration appropriately to mark the history of the situation, but to do it with complete sensitivity to the current economic climate and also to be as inclusive as possible and make everything free and open and accessible. We want all Kentuckians to feel welcome and invited to come and take part." 

A non-denominational worship service at the Frankfort Convention Center will kick off a full day of activities on Tuesday, Dec. 13. That is followed by a parade, a musical celebration leading up to the swearing-in ceremony, the Grand March of constitutional officers through the Capitol Rotunda, and the inaugural ball.