Final Phase of Military Museum Project

Jul 9, 2012

The last phase of a two million dollar restoration project at the Kentucky Military History Museum begins later this month.  The museum closes to the public after Saturday, July 28th, and will remain closed until next March.  Marketing Coordinator Chelsea Compton says extensive renovation work will be done, inside and out.

“Improving accessibility of the building; the parking lot and stairs and sidewalks are gonna be replaced and improved.  A new landscaping plan is gonna be put in front of the building.  The old war records, which are the pre 1912 military records are gonna be returned to the building and then a new main entrance is going to be created,” said Compton.

Funding for the restoration comes from the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs, the Kentucky Historical Society Foundation and the Kentucky Veterans Program Trust Fund.  Compton says the aim is restoration.

“So we’re trying to be as genuine as possible to its original use, original look and style.  There’ve been a few changes throughout the years.  It was painted at one time.  There were bars in the windows at one time.  So, it’s gone through several incarnations, but we’re trying to return it to that original appearance as close as we can,” added Compton.

The museum is open Saturdays from ten a-m until five p-m. Visitors must first check in first at the nearby Thomas D-Clark Center for Kentucky History.