Fighting Over Our Favorite Albums Of 2011 (So Far)

Yeah, we know. When we made a list of our favorite records of the year so far, we left off Helplessness Blues and The King Is Dead. Among the other casualties: Let England Shake, So Beautiful or So What, Tomboy, Nine Types of Light and The King of Limbs. Good albums by musicians to whom we've shown no shortage of love, and yes, albums that had vocal supporters within our little group.

So why did they get left behind? Simply because there was enough music we're excited about to make 25 slots seem tiny. Inevitably, there were disagreements, so we're using this space to give members of the team whose favorites didn't make the cut a chance to air grievances.

Was making the big list easy? No. (Did you notice we left off Helplessness Blues and The King Is Dead?) But it was fun, even when we didn't agree.

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