Fifth Congressional Race on KET

Oct 2, 2012

Again, the incumbent in southeast Kentucky’s fifth congressional district skipped last night’s debate on Kentucky Educational Television.  Host Bill Goodman opened the segment on the fifth district race by explaining only one candidate was in studio.  “Republican U.S. Representative Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers was invited, but is not participating,” said Goodman.  Republican Hal Rogers, who head the House Appropriations Committee, has held the fifth district seat since 1981.  Democrat Kenneth Stepp is once again challenging the powerful Republican.

“Well I feel like these are important issues the voters should have a choice on. That’s why I run, so people will have a choice,” added Stepp.

The Manchester attorney favors federal health care reforms.  Stepp says it extends health care to ‘ordinary people.’  He also says the United States should have far less involvement in the Middle East.