Festival Connects Kentucky and Japan

Aug 18, 2011

When one thinks of Japan and Kentucky, Toyota is often the first partnership that comes to mind. But a local festival aims to show that the connections run much deeper.  In a few days, Jacobson Park will be transformed into a celebration of Japanese culture. Visitors will be sampling authentic Japanese cuisine, trying on kimonos, and shopping for Japanese goods at a flea market. David Carpenter, Japan/America Society of Kentucky president, says the annual gathering is also a reminder of how connected our two cultures have become.

"There's a tight relationship between Kentucky and Japan, not only on the business level, but just on a personal level," he says.

Carpenter says the recent disaster in Japan will also play a role in the festival. He hopes to add to the 90-thousand dollars in aid that's already been raised by his organization. The Japan Summer Festival is a one-day event this Saturday at Jacobson Park.