Feeding Kentucky's "Stay-cationeers"

May 26, 2011

Even if Kentuckians stay close to home this summer, they’ll still need to eat.  For those travellers on “stay-cation,” Bowling Green author  Gary West advises them not to judge restaurants by their cover.“You go into a lot of these places for the nostalgia, for the ambience, just for the atmosphere. I mean, you might go by some of them and they might have an old, rusty sign out front, but that parking lot would be absolutely packed with people,” says West.

West is author of “Eating Your Way Across Kentucky…101 Must Places to Eat”.  West has visited many of the Commonwealth’s top eateries. For the most part, he says, there’s no link between price and quality.

“There might be in big cities, but I’m saying in Kentucky, in the backroads, the thing that really impressed me was how good the food was. I mean, I don’t recall having sampled anything that I did not like”, says West.

West suggests judging restaurants by their taste, cleanliness, price, and general ambience. Gary West has more comments on Eastern Standard Friday at one o’clock here on WEKU.