Feedback: Why Not Focus on Sustaining Donors?

May 12, 2014

Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing for tickets to Garrison Keillor's book reading and signing last week.  The lucky winners were Congratulations to Twitter follower Jeff Sames and Facebook friend and Melissa Blose.  We hope you had a good time.

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The same goes for the 60 or so people who attended the Day Sponsor reception with former Morning Edition newscaster Jean Cochran.  You can bet we'll plan to put together another event like Wednesday's next year. (FYI, you can listen to the Eastern Standard show with Jean at this link or download it as a podcast.)

Listener Michael, emailed us,  “Instead of all of the efforts put into promoting day sponsors, I wish you’d put those efforts into promoting monthly sustaining memberships. That is the only thing I see that could get you to full sustainability and eventually no need to do on air fundraising. This may take a long time, but if I’m going to hear pitches, I’d rather it be for sustaining memberships (whether for day sponsor or not) rather than for other donations, which, unless they happen to do it by the $15 a month method, will be one-time, will go away, and you’ll have to ask for it again.”

A recent problem with our music station, Classic 102.1, brought comments from a couple of regular listeners.

We apologize for the all-too-common issues with that station, which we are diligently working to clear up.  There are a couple of complicating factors that we will eventually overcome.

But, in our efforts to keep WKYL and all our transmitters remain on the air, I want to let you know how to get in touch. So, just between us, here is my cell phone number which I will trust you will use only when necessary. It’s 859-248-0343.  Please feel free to call or send a text whenever one of our station goes off the air or loses audio so we can take care of it ASAP. 

We are always interested in more routine feedback.  You can give it on Facebook or Twitter, send an email to WEKU @ eku dot edu or call 859-622-1657.

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