Feedback: Why Did You Silence the Silent Man?

Nov 24, 2014

Linda emailed us on Saturday morning, “You have been advertising the story of the man who stopped talking for 17 years and then you silenced him again just as he was explaining why he stopped talking. Seemed a bit rude to me.”

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That error on Saturday morning was a result of an error in re-programming our automation computer following changes in some of NPR’s format “clocks.” We had a number of calls about the problem and, thanks to the notice from our listeners, were able to fix our playlists before the Sunday broadcast of Weekend Edition.  As we wrote back to Linda, you can find the complete audio of that story on the Weekend Edition Saturday page at NPR dot org.

A number of news stories posted on WEKU dot FM received listener comments in the Disqus area associated with the stories. Regarding the story, Health Advocates Rallying Again for Passage of Statewide Smoking Ban, Bob commented, “The grant money is endless. These people can travel the nation spreading their bans for many years.”

The Stu Johnson story, Legislative Committee Briefed on Hemp Research Plans for 2015, received a comment from Ben, who called it a “Great update!!!”

And finally, Susan, from Frankfort, sent an email about our sister station, Classic 102.1, “Your reception is so much better that yesterday I was able to cancel my Sirius XM subscription and will use the money saved towards extra support for your station.  Frankfort deeply appreciates EKU's willingness to move forward with a classical music station.  Please keep up the wonderful work and let your listeners know what we can do for YOU.  Thanks, too, to Mike Davenport, for his continued support of the arts.  Kudos, folks.”

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