Feedback: Time Change Issues, More on Ghomeshi & Q

Nov 3, 2014

Apologies are in order as the time change did not go so well. Joan, in Clark County emailed us Sunday, “Waiting for Terry to come on at 5 A.M. this Sunday morning but Alley continued as if there had not been a time change.”

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By way of confession from yours truly, While filling in for our Operations Manager, who took a long weekend, I made am adjustment to the Sunday morning automation playlist that I thought was going to fill the extra hour smoothly.  But, I miscalculated.

 Joan went on with a suggestion, “I realize that Programing is quite expensive.  What about a repeat of some of your day programs in the wee hours of the morning before BBC comes on at 4.  On Point is my favorite and I hate to miss it.  I love Bob Edwards weekend and it would be another consideration.  Many weekend sleep-in listeners never hear it.  I am unable to listen to your Sunday night 6 to 8 programing as that is family gathering time in my home.  I always try to catch Lake Woebegone.  I know you repeat it but Sat. is also difficult for me. 

Joan added a P.S, saying “Q was my least favorite  program.”

Speaking of which, we’ve continued to add information about the Jian Ghomeshi situation on the WEKU Facebook page. And we’ve continued to get comments, such as this one from Claire, “Jian Ghomeshi is a really talented guy. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It's really unfortunate, though. I like this show because the guests are most often people I'm not familiar with. It broadens my horizons. While I'll continue to listen to the show and hope the quality continues, I'll miss Jian.”

The folks at PRI, who distribute the program and the CBC itself, have told us they are searching for a new permanent host for Q.

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