Feedback: Thanks for Holiday Guide & Can't Hear the Chopin

Dec 2, 2013

We’ve had a number of calls to the Listener Comment Line this week.  First, this one from a grateful listener, “I really enjoy the holiday program guide.  It’s really good that I got that yesterday.  I appreciate it very much.”

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This call came in last Sunday evening, November 24th,  “I’m trying to listen to Kentucky Center Stage and I’d love to hear the tape of the woman playing the Chopin, but that tape’s not coming through.  You all talking about it are loud and clear but, when the tape comes on, I can’t hear it.”

We apologize for what happened with that show.  Those who are technically oriented may know what I mean when we say there was a phase problem with the copy of the recording.  The result is that those listening in stereo could actually hear the performance.  For those of you listening on mono receivers, there was silence during those segments.  We promise to re-broadcast the show featuring Teresa Garbulinska at a later date.

And finally, Caroline, a listener to 102.1 in the Lexington area, “ I’m so glad that you were able to start a classical station.  I especially like Baroque.  I’m planning on tuning in to the Christmas specials and I love it.  I think you’re the station that still has the Metropolitan Opera and I like to listen to that on Saturday afternoons, too.  So, keep it up.”

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