Feedback: Tech Issues in Hazard, Pineville & Pikeville

Aug 17, 2015

Here’s an update on transmitter problems in Hazard and Pineville:  First, the tough one, Hazard. We are awaiting a response from an insurance adjuster about that situation, hoping our claim of possible storm damage will provide some funds to help us get a new transmitter on the air.  As for now, 90.9 is still operating at about 500 watts.  That about 5% of the normal power for that station.

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As for Pineville, that station at 90.1 has been off for about a week and a half.  Our engineer is working to install replacement parts to to get that transmitter back on the air…at normal power, by the way.  We hope to have good news on that front shortly. That outage was apparently also a result of a thunderstorm.  Lighting strikes on towers are one of the realities of radio broadcasting since the very nature of what we do requires putting a tall metal structure up in the air.

About two weeks ago, we had a message via Facebook from listener Gene.  He wrote, “I am a resident in Pikeville Ky. The broadcast signal is so weak at 95.1 that you cannot hear it unless your ear is right up to the radio speaker. Is the transmitter working for the broadcast area here?”

Engineer Bill Browning made a trip to Pikeville to work on the transmitter. He made a few adjustments that, we hope, have resolved this issue Gene was hearing…or not hearing in this case.

John responded to a recent Thursday morning show, “I listened to Eastern Standard on the History mobile. They didn't know where Cane Ridge Meeting House was. It is in Bourbon County off of Hwy 57. it is a shrine/museum.”

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