Feedback: Story Identifies Wrong Miami, Marketplace Shows "Excellent"

Dec 29, 2014

An astute listener and visitor to our website noticed an inaccuracy in our story headlined,  EKU Takes to the Court Monday After Historic Win at Miami

Richard wrote, “Sorry folks, but EKU did not even play Miami University.

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Richard continues, "Miami U is in Oxford, Ohio and was chartered in 1809. The University of Miami in Florida dates from 1925. Those of us who are Miami University graduates constantly deal with these kinds of mix-ups, but I would expect EKU's own news folks to know the difference...”

We corrected that web post immediately upon hearing from Richard.

We had an email from Bill, asking for information how to reach NPR reporter Tovia Smith. He says, “I am a longtime fan of her journalism.   I was especially touched by her recent piece on sexual assault on college campuses.”  He goes on to say, “Ms. Smith’s  piece impacted me fairly dramatically because very recently I became aware that my wife was sexually assaulted 32 years ago when she was a 19 year old sophomore at Stanford, in 1982.  The man who assaulted her was a graduate student.  She never reported the assault.  My wife is 51 years old and this attack still haunts her to this day.”

And finally, an emailer, identifying as “Oxford,” wrote, “Just a quick counterpoint to the commenter who did not like "Marketplace Tech" and Marketplace Morning Report".  These programs are excellent (though I did have a little problem initially finding the Tech Report and Rich Copley under your new morning schedule and I appreciate you having them.”

We’re always grateful for your feedback. 

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