Feedback: Response to Hemp Story, Outages at 90.9 FM

May 18, 2015

On our website is the news story by WEKU’s Stu Johnson, headlined, Second Hemp Crop Planted in Ky. A reader, identifying as "Hemp Authority," commented, ”This will be a great test to see what actually comes of some serious acreage of hemp growth across the state. Hopefully the industry will come back strong and create many new jobs and tax dollars.” 

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Last week, we talked about the tower work being done at the KET site in Hazard that’s causing a need to take 90.9 WEKH off the air.  That situation continues and will likely be a problem for a couple more weeks. 

An anonymous caller left a long message for me.  “WEKH, Hazard has been off all this week, eight to ten hours a day," he commented.   "Now here, in a few minutes, there’ll be no Car Talk.  At noon, no This American Life. Why don’t they do it in the middle of the night. Why don’t they get the workers to come out at midnight and work til 6:00 or whatever.  So don’t feel bad in June or July when you have your fund drive if you come up short.”

There’s not much we can say, or do except reassure listeners that this would not be happening if we had any choice.  The fact is, tower work, hundreds of feet in the air cannot be done at night.  These outages are happening during daylight hours, on days when weather permits.

You’ll find more information on the WEKU Facebook page and at  And we remind those who depend on 90.9 WEKH that, if you have Internet access, even on your mobile device, you can listen via the web stream.  We are extremely grateful for your patience.

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