Feedback Re: Coverage of Nevada Convention Violence, Concerns About National Sponsor Language

May 23, 2016

This week, a couple of calls to the Listener Comment Line.  First up, this one from listener Kendall, “I love WEKU and all the local NPR radio stations because they are typically so non-biased when it comes to reporting political events around the country. However, today I have heard several stories broadcast on WEKU about the violence at the Nevada Democratic Convention over the weekend but no comments as to what started them.” 

Kendall continues, “I’ve heard reviews of what happened about the Bernie Sanders supporters being violent and Bernie Sanders’ own comments about it and interviews with several top Democrats who think Bernie Sanders needs to do more but nothing, I have heard nothing reported on WEKU about why that violence was started.”

And this comment is from a listener choosing to remain anonymous, “I wanted to let you all know how much I have enjoyed the broadcasts of the Lexington Philharmonic and particularly, I was just listening to the organ recital. It was just really exquisite and, good job!”

This listener proceeded to point out what he describes as “a little negative thing,” specifically, “I’m a little dismayed by national NPR. It seems like all the time the ads are getting more like ads. They’re just cramming in a lot of verbiage and I hate to go down that path.”

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