Feedback: Offended by Eastern Standard on Religion, Thanks for Removing Stream Pre-roll

Apr 20, 2015

On Facebook, Steve commented in response to the post about the Eastern Standard show, posing the questions, Is Religion Obsolete in the 21st Century, “ He writes, “I find it quite distasteful that you are airing this program on Easter Sunday. I would rather listen to your fund drives." 

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Steve continued, "I would expect this from such a liberal station but your choice of when to air it is off the charts. Anyway, letting you know that I will not be sending any more money your way and I am taking you off my presets.”  

Meanwhile, here’s a note that came from Pat of Frankfort along with a donation for the Spring Fund Drive. Pat writes, “The most important reason (for giving) is because you have so many more of the news programs that I want every day instead of music.”  Pat goes on, “I thoroughly enjoy every program you air every day but some special ones are America’s Test Kitchen and On Being.”

Pat does suggest that we carry the Diane Rehm show and Science Friday and also commented about the clarity of the signal in Frankfort on 106.7.

Another note came from Chris who writes, “I miss Michael Feinstein on Friday nights, please bring him back.” Chris also commented about the all night classical music and the Friday night jazz.

And, finally, from the Listener Comment Line, “(male voice) You guys took off that little advertisement on your stream. You guys are terrific.  I don’t know if I had anything to do with that or not but I’m just so impressed that you responded.”

The gentleman is referring to the pre-roll message that had been on our web streams and yes, your suggestion and that of other listeners did make a difference in our decision to have it removed.

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