Feedback: New Friday Eve Schedule, Online Stories & Keep the "ee" in Kentucky

Jul 13, 2015

Last week we aired a comment from Mona, concerned that we were canceling The Dinner Party Download.  I wrote to her explaining the new Friday evening schedule and here’s part of her response, “As you surmised, I discovered (to my delight) on Friday evening that Dinner Party Download had simply been shuffled in the day's schedule -- it is such a great way to kick off the weekend!"

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Mona continues, "I am also a fan of The World so I welcome its addition to the Friday lineup. I guess when I heard the promotions for The World at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays, I went into panic mode.."

Via Facebook, Kylen messaged us, ‘Yesterday on All Things Considered you talked about the HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Developmental Services) program expansion to serve multigravida families in all 120 counties. I can't find a summary or blurb about it on the 88.9 website. I work for HANDS central office and would love to be able to hold on to something to remember that. Where could I find that?”

We informed Kylen that, while most of the time we get stories produced at WEKU on to the website right away, sometimes there’s a lag due to staff availability.  Likewise, some stories produced at other Kentucky Public Radio stations don’t always get posted but this one has been online since soon after we heard from Kylen.

Alyce emailed, “ Why don’t the announcers pronounce the “y” on KentuckY?  “Kentuck” sounds weird unless it’s supposed to be “Caintuck.”  We have enough smashed syllables, so I’d rather hear a clear Ken-tuck-E.

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