Feedback: More love for the BBC, Overnight Music

Sep 23, 2013

In our continuing dialogue over an hour of BBC news that we added a few weeks ago, Charlotte from Danville weighs in, “I love the BBC at 4:00 am in the morning.  I’ll always learn something quite interesting.  I also love the classical music during the night."

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Charlotte continues, "I’d like to hear more Chopin. Piano concertos are great and, of course the symphonies and the Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak.  I like on Sunday night the Spanish speaking classical.  It’s a good mix and, of course All Things Considered and the news is so great at 5:00 am in the morning.”

Jared called to say he got a new insight into a piece of classical music while driving home the other evening.  The host made a comment that Beethoven, while writing his Fifth symphony, ignored basic human needs while engrossed in his writing.  “He said be sure to listen to it like you’ve never heard it before and think of that. I cranked it up in the Jeep, had two smokes until it was over. You guys doing a great job.”

We had a nice comment on Facebook while WEKU’s Roger Duvall took part in live tweeting from the Lexington Philharmonic concert Friday night. Joy wrote, “Luv, luv, luv WEKU! Fantastic discussion/talk shows. And, of course, the usual programs such as This American Life and Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.”

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