Feedback: More Info Needed on Veterinary Law Update,

Mar 21, 2016

Melodie, from Lexington, emailed us, “This message concerns HB 269 which updated veterinary practice laws. One important omission in your report is that the language to allow veterinarians to release animal protection and health information to authorities without an owner's consent is deleted in the committee substitution.." 

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Melodie continues, "As the law now stands veterinarians are prohibited from notifying authorities of an animal's condition that are suspicious for abuse.  Kentucky is the only state that does not allow this.

I might add that since there is a well known link between violence to animals and violence to humans this prohibition could impede discovery of domestic or other types of abuse to persons. I hope your news team will provide some information to the public concerning this important change to this otherwise routine revision of professional practice laws.”

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