Feedback: More Comments with Year-End Donations

Dec 22, 2014

Listeners are continuing to send in comments with end of year donations.  This week, we’ll share a few more of them, such as this one from Dr. Gary, from Lexington, “We listen while at work and enjoy a wide variety of topics but particularly those related to food and beverages. We test alcoholic beverages and you have covered the industry well this past year.”

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Also from Lexington, Daniel writes, “On a whole I really enjoy your programming. I enjoy most of the news and storytelling programming the best (Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Moth Radio Hour, Radiolab) Also enjoy Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. 

My least favorite would probably be the Prairie Home Companion, though I am sure I am in the minority. It seem most of the weekend when I tune it’s on and would rather their be something else.

One other minor dislike would be the Morning Marketplace Report and Marketplace Tech Report that seem to be attached to Morning Edition.”

Beverly tells us her, “Favorite thing is Stu Johnson and his local reporting.”

We had a couple of emails this week from people regarding program segments produced by NPR or other providers. These provide an opportunity for me to remind you that you can find links to the websites for most of the programs we carry on the WEKU Stations at the website at Likewise, you are always welcome to write to us or call for more information or to have a message passed along to the producers, hosts and reporters who are on our air.

We’re always grateful for your feedback. 

Write to us at WEKU at edu dot edu or call 859-622-1657.  You can also post on the WEKU Facebook page or send a tweet @889weku.

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