Feedback: More Comments from Area Festivals

Aug 31, 2015

Last week we brought you some comments from listeners who stopped by to see us at two area festivals, namely the Woodland Art Fair and Crave Lexington. Here are some more comments from the weekends of August 15th and 16th and the 22nd and 23rd.    

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“I’m Alice Jones, of Richmond. It’s a great source of the classic NPR shows like Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Love Terry Gross but I also love some of the local programming, things like Eastern Standard and some of the things where they have really tried to delve into topics that are of issue or topics that are of concern to our region.”

“My name’s Cameron Webster from Lexington, Kentucky.  Love WEKU.  It’s one of the few stations out there that when you turn it on you’re not going to hear a commercial.  You’re going to hear quality of programming.  You turn on any other station, you’re going to get a bunch of commercials and a little bit of programming. You turn on WEKU and you get solid programming.”

“I’m Sarah Evans.  I’m an adjunct professor at EKU and I work with 22 school districts in Kentucky. I travel two hours to an hour and a half every morning and an hour and a half, two hours back every day. All the programs I look forward to sitting in I-75 construction so I can hear the rest of the story until it’s completed.”

“Hi, I’m Tommy Jones from Richmond.  I’ve been a long-time listener of WEKU.  I particularly like that they seem to care a little bit about Richmond but they do have all of the NPR shows that I’ve grown to love over the years.”

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