Feedback: Misused Pronouns, Distorted Streaming & #worldissuesnotcelebrity

Jan 27, 2014

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Here’s a note from Sonja that we received last weekend, “Heard the commercial this morning advertising about Governor Beshear's presentation, "...join so and so and I," and I cringed! The pronoun "I" is subjective tense while "me" is on the objective tense.

You is the understood subject, join is the verb and ME is the object in the sentence. People perceive us in KY as ignorant because we are!

I can share some good rules with you about how to know which tense of pronoun to use in a sentence but you'll have to call me. My finger is tired of typing.”

To Sonja, we won’t need to call but thanks for noticing that grammatical slip in the promo supplied to us by KET. We hear you load and clear.

On the Listener Comment Line: "When I use the webstream, for your station, no matter whether I use mp3 or the iTunes link, the sound is always distorted no matter the volume that I try on any of my devices.  I'm sort of a sound guy so my only thought would be, perhaps you could turn the stream down itself on its way in.  Certainly you all are capable of doing that yourselves."

And finally, a Thursday evening tweet from Sarah in Lexington , “The newsbreak on @889weku before @pritheworld mentioned a certain 19-year-old Canadian.  Seriously, please stop.   Hash-tag “world issues not celebrity.”

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