Feedback: Local Talk vs. National Shows

Sep 30, 2013

A listener, preferring to remain anonymous, offered this comment with a donation, “I'm switching my support from WUKY to WEKU on account of their recent programming changes.” 

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From another donor, remaining anonymous, “From 4:00 A.M. your station is on at least 1 of 4 radios in my home so that I can go about my work without missing anything.  BBC, On Point, (NPR) news, and on and on. I appreciate Fresh Air on Sunday (5:00) A.M.”

Deb, from Danville, says she misses the 6:00 pm Sunday repeat of On Being, an opinion shared by Susan who also wrote, Please find another time for Eastern Standard and Kentucky Tonight (she suggested 2:00 pm) rather than preempt On Point. I most definitely prefer hearing more enlightened national voices discuss issues of importance rather than Kentucky voices discuss national or even local issues.”

On Facebook, Jenn commented “I wish WEKU would air Tell Me More with Michele Martin. Great show." To which we responded that it’s among many options constantly under consideration, based on responses and comments such as hers as well as from our regular methods of audience research.

John, from Nicholasville, wrote, “On your many pages, you have “Find us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter” buttons.  Both have invalid URLs.”

Thanks to John, those links are now fixed.  We’re not sure why that happened but the website software was recently updated so we’re hoping this hasn’t been a long-term problem.

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