Feedback: Listeners sound off about fundraising

Jun 17, 2013

As you can imagine, most of this week’s interaction has been on the topic of fund-raising.

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Beatrice from Richmond, is a long-time listener and supporter who donates each Spring and Fall. She writes, “It was a nuisance to go through the week with the same ol' spiel for money, but I realized this was necessary.  I also accept and realize that WEKU doesn't have the resources and the public to fully support the maintenance of this wonderful station.

HOWEVER, This latest "plea" really got to me. I have reached the point where I switched stations to get my morning news... I will put a "book on tape" to accompany me on my routine travels.”  Beatrice went on to let us know she misses hearing classical music during the middays.”

Continuing the discussion of fund-raising, Michael, who’s been in touch before, sent an e-mail, saying, “Again I'd like to suggest that you exclusively ask for monthly ongoing contributors with the stated purpose of eventually having enough of these to make on air fundraising unnecessary. Once that happens you can still reach out to listeners with the idea of supporting public radio with short and even frequent 30-second spots rather than multi-day, program interrupting nagging.”

Michael continues, “It seems to me the fact that you keep having to do a short fund drive every couple of months or so, should tell you that your current model is not working all that well.”

We, of course, could not disagree with such a wise suggestion and we assured Michael that we are actively pursuing a plan to increase the number of sustaining members who support WEKU.  But, the fact is, on-air fundraising is likely to remain part of our lives for a while longer.

We're grateful for all the comments, especially those attached to donations this past week, and we invite you to keep letting us know what you think.  Whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, or you just need information, e-mail us at WEKU at  Post on our Facebook page or call our  Listener Comment Line, 859-622-1657.   We’ll gladly keep your comment anonymous but please be sure to leave your name and callback information.

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