Feedback: Listeners Respond to Discussion of God Mentions

Nov 18, 2013

It’s time for Listener Feedback. I’m John Hingsbergen, WEKU Program Director.  You may recall the caller last week who was unhappy with a Day Sponsorship announcement that mentioned God, “Please don’t do that again.”

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That comment, and our request for more input from listeners, did bring on a strong showing of response: “My name is David Jett and I think it is appropriate to use God in a message because it was a sponsored announcement and that was what they wanted said.” Listener Ian Green says, “It being a public radio station, I understand the man’s general disappointment but, it’s public and lots o other members of the public that he also is a part of, don’t have an issue with that.”

I should not here that every caller we heard on the WEKU Comment Line was in favor of allowing messages that mention God.  We point that out so you realize we have not in some manner left out such voice messages.

By email, listener Day writes, “Ask the day sponsors wanting to praise their favorite deity to call K-LOVE here in my hometown. Am sure K-LOVE would welcome the donation.”

Earl wrote: “Your listeners have a right to support the station in whatever capacity they should see fit.  I personally do disagree with some stories you air. It is my right.  It is not my right to impose my belief or view on anyone else”

From Kenneth, Please spare us the religious nonsense.  We can listen to that all over the AM dial.  This is public radio.  Let's keep it separate from religion.”

From Heather, “There are many stories/conversations that I do not agree with as a christian, but I respect the fact that since it is public radio I will hear many different opinions and beliefs.  This is the beauty of American freedom of speech.”

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