Feedback: Listener Stuck in Phone System

Dec 8, 2014

Robert left us a voice message last Friday, attempting to pass on some traffic information while the Lexington Traffic Management Center website was out of commission.  He called the main station number only to find he was stuck in voice mail limbo, “And I spent 15 minutes listening to the person say, ‘We’ll get to you to take your pledge, the recording over and over.” 

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We apologize, Robert, for the interminable wait “on hold.”  On Friday, we were getting ready to launch two fund drives and were still working out the kinks in a new phone system.  Thanks for caring enough to call back on the Listener Comment Line.

By email David, of Burgin Kentucky, wrote about our most recent arts and culture update from Rich Copley of the Lexington Herald-Leader, ”I just heard your interview with Rich regarding  Wynonna Judd be performing.  Her vocal coach is Ron Browning from the Eastern Kentucky area. He's an awesome guy and I had the privilege to know him for several years.”

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By the way, when you visit the Facebook page, check out the proclamation issued by the Kentucky House of Representatives, recognizing WEKU News Director Jonese Franklin, thanks to District 81 Representative Rita Smart.

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