Feedback: Keeping an Eye on the Signals & More Reaction to Passing of Car Talk's Tom Magliozzi

Nov 17, 2014

This past week, we shared with our Facebook followers a picture of some new equipment we have installed in the Master Control Room for the WEKU Stations.  It’s an idea whose time has come, a set of volume meters that allow us to see the return air signals from the four WEKU news and information stations and also our music outlet, Classic 102.1.

New meter display that allows station operators to confirm visually that all stations are on the air! From the top down, it's WEKU, WEKH, WEKF, WEKP and on the bottom, Classic 102.1 WKYL.

It’s just one step in our recent efforts to make sure we are delivering a reliable signal for all our listeners.

Claire, who works on campus at EKU commented on the timeline, “Thank you! This will assure all of your faithful listeners that you are aware and can fix any problems that arise with our ability to hear your programs.”

NPR and the producers of Car Talk have heard from many listeners on the passing last week of one of the shows co-hosts, Tom Magliozzi.  On the WEKU website, James-Clifton from Middlesboro wrote, “I didn't realize how sad I would be at hearing this news. Tom Magliozzi and his younger brother, Ray --- also known as "Click and Clack, the The Tap-it Brothers," have been a part of my household's routine for years --- every Saturday at 10 AM, my son and I drop everything and listened to "Car Talk."

I never knew what they looked like --- somehow, I just assumed they resembled two guys in clown costumes, arriving for work in a clown car.

Tom will be missed, not only by his brother Ray and the rest of his family, but by "Car Talk" listeners around the globe.”

We’re always interested in your feedback.  Write to us at WEKU at edu dot edu or call 859-622-1657.  You can also post on the WEKU Facebook page or send a tweet @889weku.

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