Feedback: Jian Ghomeshi Dismissal and Better Traffic Coverage on Listeners' Minds

Oct 27, 2014

WEKU listeners have been weighing in on yesterday’s news of the dismissal of Q host Jian Ghomeshi by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

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Tom Johnston writes, Say it ain't so! I love this guy.

Lisa M Pasbjerg “BOO! I love his show!!!!”

Thomas Crabtree “Horrible news!”

Lisa Christopher Grimes “No, this is a good show!”

Rose Donna Tyler “Apparently the CBC has NO IDEA that it has intelligent listeners. What a black eye for the CBC, which has recently been receiving great kudos for it's excellent breaking-news coverage.”

ThirdStreet Stuff  added, “Does not seem right...hard to believe even!”

You will find updated information on Ghomeshi’s dismissal on the WEKU Facebook page and the website at WEKU dot FM.  Please add your comments on both sites as well.

We’ll also keep you updated when we know anything about the future of the program Q.

Here’s an email we received from listener, Fred, from Berea, “Could you please try to cover I-75 traffic from Richmond to the south.  Your stations cover the entire area and is the only one suited to advise travelers regarding accidents and delays.  Over the past couple of weeks traffic problems due to construction and accidents have caused hours of delays.  Some reporting would help listeners plan accordingly.”

Ironically, Fred sent his email on Tuesday morning, just hours before the hazardous material spill that closed both lanes of I-75 just north of Richmond for a major portion of the midday and afternoon.

I wrote to him, telling him we will increase our diligence for traffic outside of Lexington, using resources available from the State Transportation Cabinet.

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