Feedback: How About More BBC & Who's the New NPR Announcer?

Dec 9, 2013

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Diana, from Lexington, emailed us, “As long as you have all day broadcasting of Talk Shows, it is beyond me why you do not broadcast one of the best shows on any radio station, and that is the Diane Rehm Show.  Why?  The only time I ever get to hear this wonderful show is when I’m in my car on a trip.”

By Facebook, Tamra, from Somerset, wrote, “I appreciate that WEKU offers BBC news. Nice to get some real "world news" that I never see on CNN, etc., but I wish you would offer more BBC at night. The 3 a.m. (actually, it's at 4:00 am Eastern) broadcast is really just talk/interview type shows. Would rather hear it an hour or two earlier when actual newscasts are on!”

On the Classic 102.1 Facebook page, Jack wrote, “Love 102.1 as Christmas approaches.”

And finally, also on Facebook, John asks, “Who is the new national between segment announcer? She's just awful.”

We responded to John, saying the new NPR announcer is former actress Sabrina Farhi. NPR reports she was hired from an applicant pool of "hundreds” to replace long-time announcer Frank Tavares.  Frank was doing the network underwriting credits as a part-time job from his home in Connecticut.

We’ll go ahead and toss that out to our listeners to do another of our totally unscientific surveys: What do you think of the new NPR credit announcer?  Let us know and we’ll tally up the responses. “Yea” or “Nay” to NPR’s new announcer?  Any explanatory comments will, of course, be welcome.

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