Feedback: Have the Capitol Steps "had their day"?

Jul 8, 2013

A writer identifying as “Lydia” posted the following, using the Disqus feature on our website.  Beginning by referring to the retirements of  WEKU employees Carol Siler and Michael Carter, “Thank you for all that you brought to the station and all the enjoyment your listeners got from your work. May your metaphorical fund drives be short, your programming schedule full, and your listener feedback above average. (So to speak.)”

Lydia continues, “I also wanted to say that I am enjoying the locally focused news and reports so much; Stu Johnson, Jonese Franklin, and Charles Compton do an incredible, incisive job and are clearly skilled reporters and producers.“

Here’s a message we received via Facebook, from Richard in Lexington:  “Not to be Mr. Negative, but the next time y'all want to trim a few $$$ from the budget, Capitol Steps specials would be a good place to start. They had a day, 'had' being the operative word."

We, of course, wrote back to acknowledge the comment but also to clarify that we do not pay for the two specials offered each year by the Capitol Steps.

One thing I will address to you during the Feedback segment is a request for your comments on these shows?  Do you agree with Richard that the political satire troupe has had its day or are you still enjoying their efforts to, as they say, put the “mock in democracy?”

Send in or call in your comments along with anything else you want to say about our programming, news, digital media such as the website.

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Regrettably, we have had a couple of comments recently that we have been unable to use since the callers have not left this information.  That number again, 859-622-1657. The e-mail is WEKU (at) EKU (dot) edu.  Then tune in again next Monday at this time for Listener Feedback on 88.9 WEKU.