Feedback: EST on Climate Change, Streaming Issues, Hazard Update

Aug 3, 2015

Judy posted this on the website at regarding last week’s Eastern Standard,  “Thank you for your recent program on the projected effects of climate change. I was able to hear only a portion of the program as I was in transit to a meeting and listening on my car radio."

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Judy continues, "I do plan to log on and listen to the program in its entirety this weekend. One request: next time you feature a program on climate change, please get someone rather than a NOAA weather representative to address this issues. As someone (can't remember who now) suggested to me: weather person is to climatologist as reporter is to historian. Asking a weather person to address global climate change is like asking a news reporter to provide an analysis of the Vietnam War. Next time, please invite a climatologist if you can find one in our area. (I've heard Mr. Gordon and he is not a climatologist although he can be very entertaining.)"

Philis send this by email, “ I listen to WEKU mostly on my digital radios.  You are having problems with you streaming signal.  It cuts in and out.  I've checked other digital stations and they don't have this problem.  I originally thought it was a cable problem -- which it sometimes is. I prefer your programming, so would rather listen to WEKU.”

(NOTE: We assured Philis that we'll continue monitoring the web streams closely to see if there is a problem we can take steps to correct.)

And a quick update on what I guess we should call “The Hazard Situation,” we’re still operating at low power and will be for some time.  We’re looking at options for a bit of a signal boost but full replacement and restoration of our normal signal is still a ways off.  We are beginning to talk with community members and organizations in Hazard about how they can help and we’re glad for any suggestions you may have.

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