Feedback: Eastern Standard Show with Gonyea and (of course) Tech Issues

Jun 1, 2015

We had two tweets at the end of the week from John Paul, regarding last week’s broadcast of Eastern Standard featuring NPR national political correspondent Don Gonyea, John Paul wrote, “Interesting program.  Thanks for letting us get to know Don a little better,” followed by “I was somewhat surprised in his remarks re. biased coverage. I'm convinced that bias is part of every human commentary.”

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Here’s a voicemail message we received early Thursday morning from Danny, “Right at 4:00 am on May 28, we were hearing a flute song and, when that went off, nothing else happened.” 

That outage between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning Thursday was the result of a scheduling error in one of our programming computers.  We apologize for that.

We had numerous messages near the end of the week from Classic 102.1 listeners, such as

Sandra, “I normally listen to Performance Today as I drive home to Midway from work in Frankfort.  The station disappeared on Wednesday (May 27th) and has not come back.  Other stations still play, so I don’t think it is the radio, but all I get at your dial space is light static.”

Likewise from Patricia,  “Are you all off the air?  I listen to you every day but since yesterday afternoon there have been nothing on 102.1FM. Wondered if you were struck by the storms or something.”

We apologize for the nearly 48-hour outage of Classis 102.1  We had a problem with the Internet service at our transmitter site in Lawrenceburg.  Things have been back to normal there since Friday afternoon.

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