Feedback on Eastern Ky Economy, UN-Drive & Classical Music

Jun 8, 2015

From the WEKU Facebook page, some comments about this week’s Eastern Standard show on the Shaping Our Appalachian Region Initiative and the economy of Eastern Kentucky.

Lisa wrote, “ Enjoyed this show and hearing the plans for Eastern Kentucky. Nice job Ian Mooers, your associates, and the host. This is always a good show.”

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From Alyce, “This was really interesting. Thank you for airing it. Wish someone had drilled in on the role of hemp, particularly as part of the experimental mountain top renewal program.”

Douglas, of Lexington, wrote the us via the Classic 102.1 email address, “You are doing a great job, thank God that Central KY has a classical music station. My plea remains the same, boost power to increase the effective range of the station. I know that cost more, but we need it so much with the collection of universities and those who love classical.”

And finally, A listener from Hazard, choosing to remain anonymous, left the following comment with  their donation, “I'm very happy about your 'un-drive' for funding this summer, so I'm glad to make an additional donation.”

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far during the summer UN-Drive.  We’re hoping it helps set the pace for future non-interruptive fundraising efforts.

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