Feedback: Displeased by Ky Tonight Preemption for Late-Starting NPR Coverage

Nov 30, 2015

On Tuesday morning, John Mark left a message to register discontent over our disruption of the weekly broadcast of Kentucky Tonight and its discussion of the upcoming session of the General Assembly. We chose to do so because of what we were told was an impending news briefing by President Obama including the President of France.  

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The interruption was especially disruptive since the President did not speak until well after the broadcast of Kentucky Tonight was scheduled to end.

John Mark told us, “Listening to NPR hosts and their crisis babble about ISIS just doesn’t constitute a good reason for preempting the discussion between the state senators and state representatives that were Bill Goodman’s guests on Kentucky Tonight in light of the fact that we have this legislative session coming up.”

Clearly an unfortunate programming decision.  It’s a situation we’ll keep in mind the next time an event of a similar nature crops up…and it most certainly will.

Just so you know, our policy is to always carry addresses or news conferences involving the President of the United States when such are offered as “anchored coverage,” meaning when the network provides anchors to host the broadcast and put it into context.

In general, we would rather err on the side of going with the coverage rather than pass up a genuinely significant event. 

We had a lovely thanksgiving message from listener Stephanie who asked us not to put her voice on the air but to let us know how grateful she is for what we do at WEKU. We are, of course, grateful to her and to all who support the station financially and in other ways throughout the year. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and pledge to continue doing our best to serve Central and Southeastern Kentucky with high-quality news, information and entertainment programming.

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