Feedback: On Being Reza Aslan & Interrupted 'Turkey'

Dec 1, 2014

Listener Dr. Laura wrote to us last Sunday, “What happened with On Being this morning? I was very much looking forward to the interview with Reza Aslan only to find you were repeating the interview about Bach. Was this a technical error? Deliberate decision? Whatever the case, it was very disappointing.”

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We are especially remorseful about this programming error. It turns out that our operations staff were cleaning out some old computer commands and accidentally eliminated the instructions that cause each week's On Being program to overwrite that of the previous week.

We knew this was an important program and that many people were looking forward to it but, all we can do at this point is apologize and direct you to the On Being online archive at:

On Thanksgiving Day, Chris messaged us via Facebook, “Hey you guys keep interrupting programming today with announcements and program identification or whatever. Anyway, can you stop that? I've missed some pretty good parts of programs. You're interrupting them mid-sentence even.”

We are definitely aware of one problem during the “live” Turkey Confidential program but not of any others that day.  It was, of course, a computer programming error on our part but we have not been able to pinpoint any other issues on that day. We will, of course, welcome any other reports of problems with as much specific information as possible.

We hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend and we are always thankful for your feedback. 

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