Feedback: Appropriate Language for Disabilities, LGBT Stories

Feb 2, 2015

Last week, we reported that our engineers were getting ready to make repairs to the transmitter for 88.9 in the Richmond, Lexington and Central Kentucky. Well, instead of improving, the signal has gotten a bit worse.  

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The fact is, our transmitter is a pretty old one and we’re waiting on the manufacturer to build a replacement part that will get us back to full power.  We’re hoping it will arrive this week. Keep an eye on the website or the WEKU Facebook page for updates.

Listener Marty, from Berea, called to tell me about something she heard on Here and Now last Wednesday.  It’s the story about Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Clip of Jeremy Hobson: “In his capacity as Attorney General for the State of Texas, he actually fought against a number of disabled people in discrimination suits.”  

Marty wanted to let us know she was bothered that Jeremy Hobson spoke (as you can hear) about “disabled people” rather than using the accepted term, “persons with disabilities.” We passed her comment along to the folks at WBUR and reminded our own staff of that concern and the appropriate language.

And finally, this call from a listener who chose to remain anonymous, “In your story about LGBT students in Western Kentucky whose yearbook at their high school would not accept their comments about being LGBT, your announcer referred to it as ‘comments about their LGBT lifestyle.’ I feel that this is not a lifestyle, it is a sexual orientation which is innate.”

We’re always grateful for your feedback. 

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