Feedback: 90.1 FM Pineville Off the Air, News Story Comments

Aug 10, 2015

In the midst of our efforts to find the funds to replace our transmitter for 90.9 in Hazard, we have a situation in Pineville.  The transmitter for 90.1 WEKP went off the air, possibly during a storm last week and remains off the air today.

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Our engineers traveled to the site on Friday and are working with the manufacturer to diagnose and repair the problem keeping it off the air.

We apologize for both of these situations and assure you we are working to re-establish our service to listeners in the 50-mile region around Hazard and for the 30 or so served by the Pineville transmitter.

We’ll update the information on our Facebook page once we have some news to share.

Listener Jeanie posted a comment in response to the news story headlined, McConnell (Briefly) Endorses Bevin for Kentucky Governor at Fancy Farm. 

She began with,This governor's race all boils down to who do you trust to handle KY's future” then went on to explain her preference in the race.  We will refrain from sharing her candidate endorsement but encourage all our listeners to use the “Disqus” feature on the website to offer comments to news stories. At times, we’ve seen some vibrant debates following controversial stories and we’d love to see more of that, as long as folks are observing the basic rules of civility and mutual respect.

The “Disqus” feature, by the way is spelled “D-I-S-Q-U-S” and you’ll find it beneath every story post on the website at WEKU dot fm.

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