Feds Review Region's Road Plans

Jun 13, 2011

The plans laid out for transportation improvements in the Lexington area will be reviewed this month by federal officials.   A evening meeting will give citizens a chance to weigh in on transportation issues. Proposals in two central Kentucky counties will be reviewed by federal transportation officials.  Max Conyers, who’s with Lexington’s planning department, says the examination includes a look at pedestrian, bicycle, and mass transit traffic in Fayette and Jessamine counties.  Conyers says officials will also gather input from residents.

“Do they feel like they understand the priorities and how we are investing our money and getting projects done,” said Conyers.

On June 21st, Conyers says they’ll also listen to comments from residents.  Federal officials will conduct the public meeting.

“So they’ll try to keep people on track and get them to talk about not potholes and things like that but, more than process.  Did they feel that they can call and get information when they need it.  Do they feel that things like safety are being addressed in their community when there is an issue,” added Conyers.

Local planners work to educate area citizens about mobility issues.  For example, Conyers says, during a Lexington Legends baseball game, they spoke with fans about transportation alternatives.

“You know we talked about how you can sign up for a van pool or ride share or you can ride and match from our services,” explained Conyers.

Conyers says a lot can be done to save fuel and improve air quality.  They will gather input on the plans from residents during a June 21st meeting at Joseph Beth Booksellers in the Lexington Green shopping complex.