Fayette Schools Take a Day Off for Solar Eclipse

Aug 7, 2017

Credit kentucky.com

The Fayette County School Board has voted to change the school calendar, partly based on safety concerns related to this month’s solar eclipse. 

The switching of dates became official Monday.

Thousands of students in Fayette County public schools will be out of class August 21 when the Lexington area will experience 95% totality from this year's solar eclipse.   

The celestial event will start at 1:02 p.m, peak at 2:30 and conclude at 3:54. 

According to the school system website, regular start and end times for classes would have had elementary students released during the peak. 

High schoolers would have gotten out before the eclipse had concluded.   

Traditionally, the first day off from school for students has fallen in the second week.  That’s when enrollment numbers would undergo review and staffing adjustments might be made. 

But, a new accountability system and release of test scores changes that timing. 

The board decision means October 27, originally noted as an off-day, will be a class-day instead.