Fayette Schools Superintendent Denies Charges of Fiscal Mismanagement

May 27, 2014

Credit kentucky.com

    The superintendent of Fayette County Schools is rejecting an allegation of a $20 million irregularity within the system. 

In an email to board members, also provided to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Budget Director Julane Mullins alleges, "suspected violations of law and numerous acts of mismanagement, fraud, waste, and abuse of authority that have resulted in the current state of affairs." 

Following an afternoon news briefing, School Superintendent Tom Shelton said there is no mismanagement, "We have a set of allegations which is completely unfounded and inaccurate.  We were astounded by those.”  “We fully investigated them all, found no improprieties at all," said Shelton.

The superintendent says the State Office of Educational Accountability is working with the State Auditor's Office to determine the next step.    "To come in and review it, just to verify what we've already seen that there are no mistakes or improprieties there.  So, we can only guess that there are some misunderstandings that led to these allegations, but, it's completely unfounded," added Shelton.

Superintendent Shelton says he'd like that review to happen sooner than later.