Fayette Jail Review Continues

Nov 23, 2011

The future management of Fayette County Community Corrections continues to be a topic of keen interest at city hall.   Interim jail director Ray Sabbatine went before the Urban County Council Tuesday.  He was quizzed on personnel matters including over-time costs.  “We’re wearing people out by doing that…because we’re having people work 16 hours three times a week…which is creating even more problems from the standpoint of turnover issues,” said Sabbatine.

The former detention center director says ideally he would have accelerated hirings.  A class of 23 correctional officers will start work in about a month.  Another group of 30 could be on board six months from now.

Some council members have expressed an interest in the sheriff running the jail.  Public Safety committee chair Diane Lawless believes it deserves further study.

“Let the Lexington-Fayette Urban County government do a purchase of service agreement…for a year with her and see how it goes…she may not want to do it anymore,” said Lawless.

In the midst of this discussion, some members of council want to continue to look at the feasibility of the sheriff running the jail.  A January tenth committee meeting will continue the review.