Fayette Driver’s Ed Program Celebrates 500th Graduate

Jul 9, 2014

Credit Stu Johnson / Weku radio

Fayette County's Driver Education Program is recognizing its 500th graduate this week.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and County Attorney Larry Roberts marked the accomplishment during a news conference Wednesday.

The one-week 20-hour program, administered through the county attorney's office, teaches defensive driving to young drivers.  It's a learning experience, says Roberts, "You can ask any teenager alive, how many feet does it take to stop a car, going 80 miles an hour, and they will tell you ten feet, 20 feet.  No, it's over a football field and a half.  They don't understand it and neither do adults.”

The 500th graduate of the program, Scott County teenager Keith Guy admits driving safety is not typically an everyday thought for young motorists.  "Most people say, they won't really belief it until they are actually in that situation,” said  Guy.

During 2013, 40 teenagers died in car wrecks across Kentucky.  The driver’s education program includes the use of a "Skid Monster.” a car modified to cause the rear tires to lose traction, creating a sense of an out-of-control vehicle. ​